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Theme: IBRO-APRC Ulaanbaatar Associate School on Behavioral and Translational Neuroscience

Date: August 7-12, 2023 (Monday to Saturday)

Venue: National Center for Mental Health, Bayanzurkh district, Sharkhad, Ulaanbaatar 13280, Mongolia

About the School

This associate school on behavioral and translational neuroscience, a 6–day school, will be designed to teach knowledge and techniques for conducting research on behavioral or translational neuroscience. The school will be jointly organized by IBRO-APRC, MNS, MNUMS, BMRIMAS, and NIMH.  During the school, participants will be provided with theoretical knowledge and basic techniques of behavioral and translational neuroscience, particularly covering from basic science research to public health applications of neuroscientific methods. Developing animal models for behavioral disorders, testing/screening behavioral symptoms using neuroscientific methods, and applying public health research on behavioral disorders will be introduced.  In group discussions, students will be provided with neuroethical issues and encouraged to prepare for a presentation at a journal club by using a computer to search for relevant articles on a given topic. Starting on day 5, students will be facilitated to join the lectures and symposia at the 10th Annual Meeting of the Mongolian Neuroscience Society. To strengthen friendships, the local organizers will also arrange a half-day social activity after the official program.


The goal of the school is to equip students with practical skills in how to use techniques and methods of neuroscience for different types of research. In addition, after completing this school, participants should understand the fundamentals of neuroscience and be able to practice basic techniques including immunohistochemistry and behavioral testing. They should be more motivated to conduct research in neuroscience by ensuring a high neuroethical standard.

Target Students

The target students should be researchers in neuroscience, medicine, and life sciences as well as doctors working in the field of neurology/psychiatry, and postdocs. PhDs, MDs, MScs, and BScs from all institutions in the APRC Region below the age of 40 years.


The school will include 4 theoretical lectures, 8 tech talks, 8 laboratory hands-on sessions, and 4 group discussions by both international and local faculties.

Social/Cultural Program

August 12 (Saturday): Remote area (Genghis Khan Statue, Terelj Resort)

Visa and Travel

Please see Visa policy of Mongolia here.


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  • International Brain Research Organization (IBRO): Asia/Pacific Regional Committee (APRC)
  • National Center for Mental Health (NCMH)
  • Brain and Mind Research Institute, Mongolian Academy of Sciences (BMRI)
  • Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS)
  • Mongolian Neuroscience Society (MNS)

Contact us

Dr. Enkh-Uchral P

Dr. Enkhnaran T

Tel: +976 80251515

Email: secretariat@neuroscience.mn, Website: ibroschool.neuroscience.mn